Our Client Commissioner Brent Chesney Talks Park Renovations

untitledCORPUS CHRISTI – County Commissioners are working on a project list on areas in Nueces County that need improvement. Friday, Commissioner Brent Chesney toured one of those areas.

“There are not too many areas in our county that are revenue generating areas. So we need to do everything to preserve that asset,” said Commissioner Brent Chesney.

That’s why commissioner Chesney took a tour of 5 different beach parks in the county. He wanted see first hand how everything works and what needs to be taken care of soon. Many of these RV Parks are always full and in need of renovations.

“I run a 93 percent occupancy rate year round. We need to do the same thing to padre we need to spruce up these facilities,” said Scott Cross the Nueces County director of Coastal Bend Parks.

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